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Not all Inspections are the same! To date there are still no rules as to what a Home Inspector does or what their qualifications are. Since the early 1980‘s the OAHI (Ontario Association of Home Inspectors) and CAHPI (Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors) have been working to set standards for consumer protection. A Registered Home Inspector (RHI) is the highest designation that can ensure that your Home Inspector actually has supervised education, training and experience. A Home Inspection is more than just about “Price”, as you are not simply buying a commodity or the Inspector’s time. You should hire an Inspector for his or her independent knowledge and experience.

A Quick Caution!

Many Inspectors are more concerned about loyalty to your Realtor in hopes of future referrals than they are in protecting your best interests. Further, many Realtors make derogatory comments about some of the more experienced Inspectors in order to discourage you from hiring them. Does that not suggest that these are the Inspectors you should be calling? I assure you that over the past 16 years I’ve made many enemies in the Real Estate Community for the simple fact that, “I’m Working For You, Not Them!” Think about it.

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