Brief History of Home Inspections

During the 90’s hiring a “Home Inspector” when buying or selling a home in Canada became common place. Today it’s a standard practice. 

The Home Inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and it’s electro-mechanical systems and the trained Home Inspector is always on the lookout for signs of “non
performance”. The end result is an informed client. 

Although the Ontario government has given the OAHI the right to regulate the term RHI, it must be cautioned that as of 2011 there is still no legislation, in Ontario, that states what a Home Inspection is or what a Home Inspector’s qualifications should be! Most importantly the Home Inspector should be independent and unbiased “Working for You” to protect your best interests!

Benefits for All

• “Home Buyers” (Pre-Purchase Inspection)
The “Home Inspection' is an investment to help avoid surprises and unexpected expense. Provides peace of mind.

• “First Time Home Buyers”
It serves as a formal introduction to the home as well as a 1st hand explanation as to how? and why? things do or don’t work.

• “Home Sellers” (Vendor Inspection)
A “Home Inspection” prior to listing the house for sale is a pro-active investment in both time and money. The home inspector can point out potential concerns before a prospective buyer becomes involved and possibly turned off by the property. Unrealistically low offers can often be avoided because repairs or touch-ups are addressed up front.

Other Inspection Services

Ask for details regarding:

  • Commercial Inspections 
  • Partial Inspections for Home Owners 
  • Maintenance Training Inspections (also see our website
  • Indoor Air Quality Inspection 
  • Other services