Consumers for Responsible Home Inspections (CFRHI) is an Ontario, Canada based consumer advocacy group founded on the principles of consumer needs and consumer protection. Current government practices primarily focus on the needs of Home Inspectors, Realtors, and Insurance Companies. We believe that the focus should be on the home buying public.

“We are focused on educating the public and waking up legislators and lawmakers to bring attention to what’s really going on behind closed doors in the home inspection industry.— Bruce McClure, Founder, Consumers for Responsible Home Inspections

Highlighting the Challenge

Currently, a number of home inspection licensing initiatives are underway by various governments, including the province of Ontario. Unfortunately, the consumer is not properly represented in these initiatives.

Anyone can print a business card, build a website and call themselves a Home Inspector.
Only Alberta, British Columbia and approximately 35 US states require home inspector licensing. However, in most cases the standards are so low that they provide false security for consumers. Various titles and credentials can be acquired online for very little effort, no home inspection experience required!

Since Realtors are the trusted first contact for most consumers, they can significantly influence the selection of a Home Inspector to support their sale. Home Inspectors also obtain most clients as direct referrals from Realtors. This conflict of interest does not best serve the consumer. Realtors significantly outnumber Home Inspectors and have much more political influence. Many consumers feel dis-empowered in pursuing liability issues with Home Inspectors and Realtors. They do not realize that many successful lawsuits have been made to remedy negligent situations.

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