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Caution! Most people are surprised to find that in Ontario there are still no Government rules or regulations as to what a Home Inspector is and or what he or she does! Anyone can print a business card and call him/herself an Inspector. (please find more information on our web page “Standards of Practice”) Hence the extreme difference in the fee’s charged for Inspections! 

Based on the above, if you are looking for the lowest price, you won’t find that here!! However, if you are looking for a quality Inspection performed by a dedicated & seasoned Professional Inspector that is “Working For You” to protect your best interests, you are definitely in the right place!! 

Time allowance for Inspections (less travel time but including report delivery) is 4 hours and Inspection times are booked for 8 am & 1 pm. (see the “At the Inspection” page for more specific time lines) A Standards of Practice Inspection can not be performed if any part of the Inspection takes place after dark. Inspections are performed 7 day a week and are typically booked 2-5 days in advance. 

Naturally we have to travel in order to get to your house and allow up to 45 minutes travel time (each way) in our base price. Also many people are surprised to find that on average a 1,000 sq. ft. house takes just as long (sometime longer) to Inspect as a 2,500 sq. ft. house. 

All Inspections are COD so please bring your cheque book or cash. Please note that we do not accept credit cards simply because we’d have to raise our prices by 5% in order to cover the fees charged by the credit card companies and would rather leave that money in your pocket. 

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