Standards of Practice

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5.1  The Inspector shall:
A.  inspect:
  1. exterior wall covering(s), flashing and trim.

  2. all exterior doors.

  3. attached or adjacent decks, balconies, steps, porches, and their associated railings.

  4. eaves, soffits, and fascias where accessible from the ground level.

  5. vegetation, grading, and surface drainage on the property when anof these are likely to adversely affect the building.

  6. walkways, patios, and driveways leading to dwelling entrances.
  7. landscaping structure attached or adjacent to the building when likely to adversely affect the building.
  8. attached garage or carport.
  9. garage doors and garage door operators for attached garages.
B.  describe
  1. exterior wall covering(s).
5.2  The inspector is NOT required to:
A.  inspect:
  1. screening, shutters, awnings, and similar seasonal accessories.
  2. fences.
  3. geological, geotechnical or hydrological conditions.
  4. recreational facilities.
  5. detached garages and outbuildings.
  6. seawalls, break-walls, dykes and docks.
  7. erosion control and earth stabilization measures.

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