Standards of Practice

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9.1  The Inspector shall:
A.  inspect:
  1. readily accessible components of installed heating equipment. 
  2. vent systems, flues, and chimneys.
  3. fuel storage and fuel distribution systems.
B.  describe:
  1. energy source(s).
  2. heating method(s) by distinguishing characteristics.
  3. chimney(s) and/or venting material(s).
  4. combustion air sources.
  5. exhaust venting methods (naturally aspiring, induced draft, direct vent, direct vent sealed combustion).
9.2  The inspector is NOT required to:
A.  inspect:
  1. interiors of flues or chimneys.
  2. heat exchangers.
  3. auxiliary equipment.
  4. electronic air filters.
  5. solar heating systems.
B.  determine:
  1. system adequacy or distribution balance.

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